Saturday, February 24, 2018

Self Report


Video During Activity

This is Video From Teacher Tassanee and made by her

This is Video that mad by me


30. Saturday, February 17th 2018

On Saturday, February 17th 2018 we back to Indonesia. We back by Chiang Mai International Airport and Don Mueang International Airport. And We leave Lampang to Chiang Mai at 10.00 a.m. by car of LPRU staff for 2 hours. After arrived at Chiang Mai at 12.00 a.m., and we flight at 14.15 p.m. We arrived Bangkok at 15.45 p.m. After that we finish our document at the immigration and Check in at Don Mueang. And we flight from Don Mueang to Jakarta at 18.45 p.m. and we arrived Jakarta at 23.00 p.m. We stay at Jakarta for 24 hours and continue our trip to Yogyakarta on February 18th 2018 by train. And we arrived Yogyakarta on February, 19th at 06.38 a.m.

At Chiang Mai International Airport

Arrived at Don Mueang International Airport

Arrived Jakarta 


29. Friday, February 16th 2018

On Friday, February 16th 2018, Anuban Lampang School held an academic day. Academic day is the day of the school to presents the students work and play games for the all students in a booths. Because of that, the school was very busy to prepare many things. Not only academic day,but also a Chinese new year also held in that event. Some students wear a traditional clothes, and all students and teacher wear a Chinese clothes.

Academic Day at School

Academic Day at School
After the event, Dr.Bangorn and Her Husband invite us to attend the event in the mosque called Tambun. Tambun is muslim event in Thailand that is a lunch after pray. After that I give Dr Bangorn and Uncle some souvenirs.

Give Souvenirs to Dr Bangorn and Uncle 


28. Thursday, February 15th 2018

On Thursday, 15th February 2018 we had a final meeting and presentation with the President of Lampang Rajabhat University. We went there with our teachers of Anuban Lampang School They are Dr. Bangorn Roikrong and Teacher Tassanee Wichienbunjong. The meeting was held in the meeting room 10th floor of LPRU at 10 a.m. The meeting was attended by the presidents of LPRU he is Mr. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somkiat Saithanoo and staff of LPRU, the lectures of LPRU, the teachers of Anuban Lampang School and Bon Ponshanook School, and the students teacher from Indonesia and Phillipines.
In the first, there where a speech from Presidents of LPRU after that we have a final presentation, and speech from the lecturers, and from both of schools. And in the and we have a lunch and take a picture also giving and get souvenirs and certificate from LPRU.

Final Meeting in LPRU
Source: LPRU Documentation

Student Teacher get Certificate from LPRU by President of LPRU
Giving Souvenirs to LPRU
Take a Picture with all members of Meeting

Source: LPRU Documentation 


27. Wednesday, February 14th 2018

On Wednesday, 14th February 2018, I went to school and my activity was play the video to the students about aur activity during one month. They were very a enthusiastic to watch the video. After watch video, I gave some souvenirs to the students.

Students were watching the Video

The students got souvenirs 


26. Tuesday, February 13th 2018

On Tuesday, 13th February 2018 I do my activity as always. In the morning, I join  the ceremony I the yard, after that was a milk time and start the lesson. But I finished my teaching already So I just observed the teaching of Teacher Romar while I finish my logbook. After that Teacher Romar and Teacher Tassanee give me a surprise by giving the rememberance for me. I also give them a souvenirs. After giving and get souvenirs we take a picture with the students and the all teachers of MEP 1 and MEP 2.

Giving Souvenir to the Class

Get Souvenirs from the Teachers

Picture with the students and teachers of Grade 4th/ MEP 1

Picture with Teachers of Grade 4th/ MEP 1 and Grade 4th/ MEP 2